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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 2 Miami/Carnival Valor September 13th

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A bit better for us today, we got a call late last night and found out his bag was still in Atlanta where our layover was and would be arriving in Miami the next morning. Turns out the tag fell off! Good thing for OGIO bags-they sure are recognizable! The guy in line after us was told his bag was basically lost for good. They were standard black luggage and could be anywhere…Poor guy. Tyler’s mood improved drastically after we picked it up and we were able to start enjoying our vacation! Into our bathing suits we went and headed out for a few hours on North Miami Beach at our hotel. I feel like we are in a dream-I haven’t been on a real vacation for several years and the time I did spend in Hawaii was spent in the ER with the worst stomach flu I have ever had, and was quarantined to my room the rest of the time to prevent anyone else from catching it. (No one ever did btw…)

{Whitey Tyler}
{Our hotel-Le Meridien}

Perfect weather today, bath-like crystal clear water, and spending time with love of my life is the best vacation I could ask for.

**Side note-Jimmy & Leslie are the best! Our camera has been giving us trouble for awhile now, so they lent us theirs and also the Flip video’s awesome! Thank you guys so much-seriously….we owe you BIG time. **
{Me, with some random couple in the backround}

After dropping off our car at rental Miami Airport, and leaving my new sunglasses in them…I swear we are a wreck of a couple this trip-we made it to the ship in time for our emergency drill and found out that Rock & Olane’s room is right next door and Chris & Sangvane are a few doors down to our right. Nice timing booking on all our parts. We didn’t plan that at all!

We didn’t really have time to venture around before our first dinner together in the Lincoln dining room, nor before the big welcome show. The ship is huge—I think they said over 1000 crew members and over 3000 guests. Crazy.

Pork short ribs, chocolate melting cake, black forrest chocolate cake, mahi mahi, shrimp cocktail, cured salmon appetizer, oooh yeah-just what I was waiting for! Everything was amazing...
{Rocky & Olane}

{Chris and Sangvane}
{sister sandwich at the show!}

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sorry for myself

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I'm really missing my friends (my fam is a given-I'd give anything to have my niece and nephew closer.) Especially the ones that have left Utah. Utah started to become home away from home through meeting lots of great people at old jobs, etc...but it seems like they have all left or are thinking about leaving. Of course we always dream about going back to LA, but when that will be? Who knows. We both are employed with good jobs,(for now at least & thankfully in this economy) so just a dream for the time being.

Just so you guys are all missed. I miss my girls nights, my scrapbooking/card making parties, and all our fun couples get togethers.

Not to mention all my babies...everyone is growing up so fast, they are not babies anymore! Holy cow...2 more years to 30. That does not seem possible. I still feel like I'm 18!

Anyways...hopefully Caribbean pics to be up soon-the only blogging time I get is on my lunch break anymore so keep your fingers and toes crossed that they'll be up by next month.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm a murderer

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I killed this man a few nights ago. I defended myself and crushed and bashed his skull to the point that I was positive he was dead. He of course was the real murderer-I had to do it or he was going to kill me first. I made quite sure there was no way he could come back to life before fleeing the house.
Or so I thought...I left Bob & Gesse at the house and ran away with Ang, we were so scared and just needed to get away. I was confident they would be ok and they would meet up with us later. We tried calling their cells, but no answer! I had such a bad feeling that I went back...and Sylar's body was gone-he had gotten to the Barnett's! I was sick inside and Ang and I were bawling....It was all my fault that I had left them alone to be murdered and that I wasn't able to kill him completely.

I'm a weird person right? I have the craziest dreams--the show Heroes has been our favorite series at the moment, (we watched at least 1 episode every night on our cruise) so it's no surprise that I'm now dreaming about Sylar. I hate him...I absolutely hate everything that he is. For a nanosecond I thought there was hope, but SORRY-he's a pyscho killer and always will be...(we are only on season 3, so don't spoil it for me if this changes ok?) the show-the hype is real and it really sucks you in. Better than Lost if you can believe it. :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Summer Soiree

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A few weekends ago we went to Ty's summer work party. Oh my...everyone should be jealous of these parties! Our hostess and incredible party planner Hailey (or otherwise known as the boss' wife) was hired recently by Nordstrom to plan their events, so that should tell you a bit how talented she is. I don't want to go into too much detail about our summer carnival because I want the professional pics to speak for themselves when I get them to post. But it was SO MUCH FUN! The detail and thought that went into this was incredible. Thanks Hailey & Eric!

I was going to post my pics, but they are terrible in comparison to the pictures that were captured from the photographer that was hired...Ashlee Raubach. (She uses the camera I want too and they turned out sooooo good. :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 1 Ft. Lauderdale/Miami September 11th /12th

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A rundown of our first day on vacation:

1.) Forgot my phone at home and had to backtrack to get it after already being on the freeway.
2.) Made our flight with 3 minutes to spare
3.) I booked our flight thinking we would be able to sit together but of course seats C and D ended up being both aisle seats…luckily the nice lady in the middle switched with us so we could sit together.
4.) Bumpiest flight I could remember for a while-saying a short prayer was necessary and there were lots of crying babies when everyone was trying to sleep.
5.) Delta/Northwest couldn’t locate Tyler’s luggage…
6.) A 1 am flight, less than an hour of sleep, and lost luggage results in a very grumpy, grumpy, husband-NO GOOD!
7.) Since I booked our rental car—(we picked out a sweet white Kia), I had to drive. Tyler lucked out-he loves when I get to drive him around. I don’t mind at home, but I don’t like driving in places I’ve never been before. I had a minor panic attack on the freeway when some idiot tried to move over on me, and took way too many wrong turns. (Our GPS is officially my best friend at this point)
8.) Our hotel- the Newport Beachside Hotel & Resort overbooked ( I reserved our ocean view suite way back in May!) and sent us over to another hotel, the Le Meridian. I’m usually pretty laid back, but this day was getting ridiculous and I wanted our first real “honeymoon” to be what you’d expect a nice vacation to be. What else could go wrong?
9.) We showed up to our hotel , which was pretty nice and quiet, but our room was the size of a closet (think Bob & Gesse size closet) Usually no big deal, but after expecting a jacuzzi tub/living room and ocean front deck, I was super bummed.
10.) Tyler decided to sleep in the room while I went down to check out the beach for my nap. It was incredible-the view was to die for, the weather perfect, and all I needed was my husband to be with me. Until the crack of lightning woke me up. It was the loudest lightning I have ever heard. The beach patrol rounded everyone out of the water and the hotel crew started packing the beach chairs up. So much for getting any sun…The storm came out of nowhere!
11.) More napping upstairs on our 25th flr, a walk in the rain to our gloomy, silent dinner (still no news from Delta about Ty’s bag), and a $50+ trip to CVS (kinda like a Walgreens or Longs) for some ugly trunks for the hot tub we thought we could at least enjoy…then to come back to our hotel to find out that the pool and hot tub close at 7:30. Who shuts those down that early on a Sat night? Ugh!
12.) I had to cancel a shoot I had the next morning due to the baggage situation. We rescheduled for next Sunday after our cruise, but who knows if that is still going to happen.
13.) Traveling on September 11th. Need I say more about our really crappy first day of vacation?

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Short Tanaka Fam visit

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The weekend was so jam packed when we were down for Casey's wedding, that our visit with my parents was much too short. We still managed to enjoy my mom's famous chile relleno's and homemade buttermilk pancakes--but there wasn't enough time to just relax even for a few minutes...we had to be off to meet up with Tyler's family for another wedding in Temecula Sat morning.

What also cut our time with my fam down was hours at an Urgent Care. Our whole drive down from Utah my scooter burn was killing me-every heartbeat was a doozy-it was getting seriously infected and I had a slight fever, so we had to make a trip there in SD before driving up for Casey's rehearsal dinner. I hate going to the doctor-it always takes forever to be seen and usually I end up wishing I had never gone in the first place.
The next wedding was for Lindsey Christofferson, a close family friend of the Brufords, and one of Amanda's (Ty's sis) best friends. She was a beautiful bride, and I even shed a few tears at their ceremony, even though I had never met them before! Amanda was also a bridesmaid and her son Ethan was the cutest ring bearer...

so much fun-we all danced the night away and Ethan even got his groove on and was the life of the party...

{Nat-Ty's sis and Ethan}
{Ben and Amanda}

{Ponte Winery...gorgeous wedding location!}
Impeccable timing on her part-Rachelle chipped her front tooth before the wedding. No open smiles for Ty's mom. :)
{Showing off her toothy grin!}
I hate living so far from the beach! I feel like a tourist every time I visit--thus the quick snapshot of our 5 minute walk right before our drive back to Utah. Luckily we were able to stay in a great beach house right across the street, with some other family friends of the Brufords.

My brother and his family were out of town for work while we were back in TO visiting my parents so thankfully we made it possible to stop at Downtown Disney for lunch while they were at Disneyland. Anna and Evan are getting soooo huge! They are the most well behaved children I have ever seen...I really need to figure out how they do it. So polite and so sweet, and I'm always amazed at how smart my little niece is!

Evan is a monster! He is almost as big as his sister now!
Well....comparing these photos he looks bigger doesn't he! He sure feels heavier to me...:)

I miss these guys so much and hope we make another visit soon!

now I know why dogs are so great. i was kinda touched.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

This just about covers it.

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Ty and I are stoked--we found and downloaded full seasons of Gummi Bears and The Smurfs. For some reason (I'm not going to embarrass anyone here),  I've had the Gummi Bears theme song stuck in my head the last few weeks....

I also came across these other little gems.  I miss my childhood and all these old cartoons.  They really don't make them like they used to!