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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Baseball fun

Posted by Summer

 My friend Kevin is on the Portland Beavers minor league team and was in town playing our very own Salt Lake Bees.  I haven't seen him play since we were in high school so it was super fun...luckily we brought blankets because it was oh so freezing last night!  It felt like the middle of Winter and rained for a good part of the game.   

The beautiful blondie down there is my friend Ashley and am so happy we finally connected.  We've lived in Utah together and haven't really caught up since senior year.  So glad we did...Love her and looking forward to lots of camping, hiking and outdoorsy stuff this summer with her!
So, I'm glad that Kevin's team won.   I have never been so appalled by the unsportsmanlike behavior at a game.  I was actually embarrassed for those of us that now call ourselves Utahns.  It was pretty bad.  
He said it was way worse the previous nights-
Thanks for making us look bad guys...

{Gibby was there too!}

Monday, April 27, 2009

Meet Baby Bruford!

Posted by Summer

Born yesterday April 26 @4:55 am.  6 lbs, 11 oz and 21 inches tall!
No name yet. I'm hoping they decide he's a Tristen though. :)

Ashlee, my sister in law asked me if I would like to be present for the birth and of course I said yes.  I was esctatic and honored to be a part of it.  

Our Vegas trip was planned several weeks ago and it was looking like Ashlee was going to be induced today or tomorrow because she wasn't progressing.   So........

We thought we would be safe.  

Not.  I'm super bummed.  Ashlee was incredible.  Basically she woke up in the middle of the night ready to have the baby then and there, and was lucky they made it to the hospital at all.  No time for an epidural, no time for anything!  Wow... it makes me feel a tad bit better that I probably wouldn't have made it anyway.

Good job Ash and Trevor, congratulations!  He's such a cutie!

Auntie Summer
Uncle Tyler

Friday, April 24, 2009

Le Reve

Posted by Summer

Here we come!

  Vegas. Trump Hotel. Sun. Friends. Food. Sushi. No work.  More food.  Sleep...  

Updates when we get back!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


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Nic came home!  Our first night being back, we were outside calling his name and within 10 minutes he was at the back door meowing.  

Sooooo happy and thankful that my prayers have been answered yet again.   

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Little bit of luxury

Posted by Summer

Last week: April 16 
Cold, miserable, and sick with the flu

This week: April 19

Enjoying the 70 degree weather and having the time of lives housesitting for the inlaws and taking care of Ty's grandpa.

A taste of the French Country living we were sampling.   

I just hope we aren't disappointed with Vegas this weekend.   There is nothing better than listening to the sound of a river right outside your bedroom and feeling like your luxurious hotel is all to yourself.  

We will housesit ANYTIME! :)

Beautiful views from the master bedroom balcony

Silly Tyler...can I please get a "normal" face once in awhile?  

Guess not.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wide Awake

Posted by Summer

My good friend Lisa gave me this book when I was visiting her and her husband in December and I am just now finally able to have some free time to delve into it.  

The author Erwin is the lead pastor for her church Mosaic in Los Angeles.  She works, dances, volunteers, choreographs, etc... for the church and is out doing amazing work around the world performing and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

She is an amazing example of Christians not of the LDS faith that are doing good things in his name.  I have always looked up to this woman...she is one of the strongest, sincere, and most whole heartedly "good" people I know.  She has always been there for me and am so thankful to have her in my life and to have seen her grow through her dancing all these years!  

Monday, April 20, 2009

My baby

Posted by Summer

I know it's not even close to compare this to losing a child, but my cats are for now my only babies and are precious to me.  Nic (Nicodemus) has been missing since Sat. morning.  The door was wide open when Tyler got up early for work.  It's partly our fault because we had a broken doorknob for a few days, but it's still odd that he would take off and hasn't been home since.  I even left food and water out but it hasn't been touched.  Tyler made flyers for me that I posted around the neighborhood and have gotten a ton of calls about my orange kitty near some new construction, spent hours looking, but nada...

Things I love about him:

*He's got the softest fur and his meow is adorable even when he wakes us up in the morning for some attention.
*His curious, yet scaredy cat nature
*The way he stretches himself out on the stairs and does backflips when he's excited and riled up.

*He's my little birdie.  Always perched on me but mostly on my shoulders.  I have to be careful  when I'm brushing my teeth or when I'm not looking because he'll jump 4+ ft to get to me.
*Even when I'm in the middle of working out, he thinks it's an ideal time to pounce up on me and lounge.

*Most of all,  he knows when I'm sad or sick, and will spend all day curled up next to me just to keep me company.  

 I love this little guy-he's my best friend and has been with me through everything during the last 3 years. I'm praying my hardest that he will turn up somehow! 

Friday, April 17, 2009

New Canon Rebel vs. Nikon's D90

Posted by Summer

Going off of THIS extensive side by side comparison, the Nikon D90 has my vote so far.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Around here...

Posted by Summer

Easter Day we went to Rachel and Sam's (Rachel is Tyler's cousin), baby blessing.
Here is my one photo from that day. ;) She is such a beautiful babe. We had a great potluck Easter dinner at Tyler's aunt and uncle's house with about 50+ people. It was super yummy.

The night before we had Renee and Lance over to decorate Easter eggs. It's too hard trying to get a decent picture of kids this age...even with a countdown, finger snapping, and other silly antics to get them to look at the camera simultaneously, this one was the best I could do.

Just a cute random of my kitties. I have no idea what they are looking at. Weirdos...

Other than Easter we've been pretty busy getting the house to our liking. This is what our house looked like a few days ago. We've had painters everyday working on the house for a week and it is coming along! What a difference a color change makes. They are starting on our kitchen and bathroom cabinets tomorrow and will have after pics up soon hopefully. I'm so looks great so far and am looking forward to having our lives back in order.

{Front room before}

{Front room now}

I've been feeling pretty domestic lately and have been working on being a good wife by trying to cook every (well, almost every) night. I just may be the luckiest person on earth to have a husband who is so unpicky. He has pretty much enjoyed everything I've made and that makes me so warm and fuzzy on the inside. If he keeps this up, I may be motivated to make the culinary arts a real passion. :) I also need to mention that twice now I've woken up to the smell of Tyler's freshly made bread. How fabulous. I love my husband.

I don't know if any of you have an AeroGarden, but I absolutely adore mine. I got this for my birthday last year. At the moment I have green beans growing, but last year it was Romaine lettuce and every day for months I was able to have fresh salad without having to run to the store. It was great. The best part is watching how fast it grows-with no soil, and the help of aeroponics, the plants grow almost twice as fast as traditional planting methods. Also, you don't have to worry about pesticides or about how many people have touched your veggies at the store. :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Posted by Summer

I haven't really been wanting to blog or take pictures lately because I am super frustrated with the quality of photos that I'm getting. I have always loved photography (probably the Japanese in me) but have never had a serious camera to help my cause. There aren't many "artsy" shots I can get with a compact digital 7.1 camera.

For those of you who have an starter or mid-range SLR...HELP me please! I've seen some Costco cameras like the Canon 50D or the Nikon D60-90 but don't know where to start. I don't mind learning if starting out on one of these is complex, but I do want quality and something that will take pictures I am proud of.  

I feel a bit sad when I am not taking pictures...especially on days that I need to be documenting.  The next post is pretty pathetic...I only have 1 Easter photo. So hopefully if I get a new camera (sigh..eventually), I will be more motivated.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Conference Weekend Visitors

Posted by Summer

It's kinda nice living in Utah because suprisingly, there are a lot of people who make trips out here for difference reasons...our LDS conference being one of them.

Last Friday Jamie & Nick Onken and their cutie Andrew came out and we took them to eat at Cafe Rio. *Gasp* was their first time ever going!!!'s so good, especially the Pork anything. Tyler doesn't like it because it's a bit too sweet for his liking but as I have a huge sweet tooth, it's my fav.

Pork salad before....

Nick's pork salad after...he must have really liked it. :)

Then Rock's parent's and cousin were in town and I spent the day with them (while Ty was home sick again...poor guy), shopping and celebrating Janice's and Olane's belated birthdays at Macaroni Grill.

Rocky & Cash

Look at his freaking adorable golf outfit!!!
Janice-Rocky's mom

Olane & BB...same height!! :)

Jason, our roomate and his girlfriend Ashley, commute between here and California every other weekend to spend as much time together as possible. She's such a great girl...
This weekend was her turn out here and we hung out all weekend watching conference, baking cinnamon rolls, and stuffing ourselves at Tempanyaki.

This is the only picture of us that somewhat hides Ty's dirty, nasty, handlebar stache. You can kinda get a glimpse of it if you look closely...

I'm happy to say that it's been taken care of this week. Thanks babe.