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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

B-Day weekend

Posted by Summer

Aeon, Jordan's gorgeous little boy was a little freaked during Ty's birthday party and found himself a nice hiding spot in our sink.

Sunday we went up for brunch at Sundance-Ty's all time fav. It was such a beautiful day!

Since coming here for the first time almost 10 years ago, I've never stopped loving the warm, earthy, organic atmosphere. Gotta thank Mr. Redford for making it the place it is today.

{I can always seem to make more room for a second helping of their warm bread pudding..OH so good!}

Monday, March 29, 2010

Lost needs to get lost...and a few other thoughts

Posted by Summer

I don't know about you, but I'm so sick of Lost and I cannot wait for it to be done with for good! I have to watch only because I've loyally stuck by, season after season hoping that I'll get some darn answers. But alas, I'm still as lost as I was on episode 1. Blah...

Tyler is getting H-O-T....almost down 30 pounds now and still 2 weeks to go. He's still as cranky as ever but I'm hanging in there. :) I guess that's to be expected on a 500 calorie diet and having to poke yourself with a needle every day. A whole new wardrobe has opened up to him and we're both loving the variety.

I just got released Sunday from teaching Sunbeams with Ty and called to be a Relief Society instructor! Scared and nervous? Yep. The usual nauseous feeling I get when I have to get up and speak in front of a large audience? Suprisingly, not really. I knew this was coming. I've been in Primary for approx. 4 years I think--a good time for a change and Heavenly Father knew it's something I've been really needing to grow. I have NEVER giving a talk in church for the 10 years I've been a member. Crazy right? I guess it's time I stepped it up.
Hope that wanna throw up feeling doesn't come up in the middle of the lesson on the 18th...

Some good friends are putting in their notice at work tomorrow and are moving to California in less than two weeks. I can't believe it. It's seriously depressing. Everyone is leaving us. I'm really happy for them and it's a wonderful opportunity, but I'm being selfish here-I wish they were staying put. I hate saying goodbye.

I wish I had some exciting news to tell, like some exotic vacation planned, but that's about it with us. No news is good news I guess!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Why I'm Such an Awesome Wife

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Ty told me to write that. Happy 33rd Birthday baby!

We are seriously hooked. Hooked forever and looking forward to traveling the world and flying together! You've gotta try it. Point of the Mountain is one of the top world wide destinations for the sport and is literally in our backyard. Honestly I thought paraglidiing was for crazy, thrill seeking people, until I was airborne and it was the most peaceful, wonderful thing I've ever experienced. No butterflies in my stomach and no anxiety, only a was the weirdest thing. We had such a fun time yesterday and can't wait until we take our second lesson!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another us update

Posted by Summer

This is a random/lame post. I apologize in advance...

As of today Ty has lost 23 pounds!
As for me, I'm not doing so hot with P90X.

I'm too tired all the time.
I like watching American Idol and Lost much more.
I prefer being lazy on my cozy brown couches and blogging instead.
I hate being sore every single day.

I have more excuses I could throw out but those are plenty for now.
Maybe tomorrow I'll finally go to Zumba with my friend Kierstin and hopefully next week I'll start up again! :)

Last weekend was great. Even with the storm on Sat, Ty and I managed to get out of the house to do a session at the Salt Lake Temple (my first time there!) and I had a girls night out (plus Corb) at Cafe Trio with Lindsay, a couple of her friends, and Audrey & Corban. I had the 3 cheese ravioli with butternut squash sauce--I'm so glad Linds suggested it. I love discovering new yummy places to eat! Sadly I forgot my camera and it was too wet to take Temple/Downtown pictures earlier.
Sunday we taught our cute sunbeams and then went down to the in-laws to watch the new drama series the Pacific. I'm learning a lot about post Pearl Harbor and about Grandpa Bruford fighting in Guadalcanal. Ty's parents even have the samurai sword he brought back from that island-pretty incredible I think.

The rest of the week has been uneventful besides my car battery dying, a crappy few days at work, and hating daylight savings time. I had an audition super early Monday and was really hating life. It felt like 6 in the morning and I wish I could have had a do-over. Of course the script was completely different than what I had practiced, and my lines sounded much better in the car and on the way to work. Of course.

Troop Beverly Hills made my week though. I heart this movie, I'm positive I've seen it at least 20 times- It's so good and it did its job by making me laugh and lifting my spirit! I am praying this work week to be over soon and can't wait for Ty's big birthday weekend!

We're taking paragliding lessons on Sat, having a paaaaarrrrrrrrty Sat night, and doing our usual birthday brunch up at Sundance. Should be awesome.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy 33rd Olane!

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Love you!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

My friend Linds

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We've been through a lot together since I've been in Utah. Through divorces and new marriages, to moving on from our jobs at Bio-Medics, and stuggles with fertility- she's been there. Lindsay has taught me a ton about what it means to be completely selfless. I've never really contemplated adoption until she went through with it with Samari 3 years ago. It is nothing to be taken lightly, and can be at times frustrating and heartbreaking, constantly worrying and wondering if the baby you've prayed about will finally be yours. She's been so strong through it all--I'm not really sure how she does it. Linds and Corey barely took in 3 more children as foster parents, all in hopes that the biological parents' rights would be terminated and they would have first choice for adoption. It's a long an agonizing process because you get attached so quickly, and you don't want to get your hopes up. I was already attached to little Hollis when I watched him and Samari last Saturday at the Provo Temple so Lindsay could be present for her sister Jessica's sealing. He's only 3 months and such a darling, sweet baby.

I'm praying for you Linds that he will stay a part of your family for good!

Friday, March 12, 2010

My Brother's artistry reflects that of his Granfather

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Monday, March 08, 2010

Day 4 Isla Roatan, Honduras Wed Sept 15

Posted by Summer

I was going through my photos and realized I never finished posting our amazing cruise to the Caribbean. I really needed this walk down memory lane especially because it was warm, sunny, and so needed right now this frigid season!

Ty thinks this was an unnecessary purchase but I'm so glad I bought these cheesy pics from each port.

This was everyone's favorite stop-the island was paradise. Truly. I was really disappointed that the one excursion I wanted to go on couldn't be purchased once we stepped off the ship. Of course the animal lover in me was looking forward to playing with monkeys. Sad face. But I couldn't complain, we has such an awesome time. The boys swindled a great deal and each couple rented a scooter and we rode around the whole island.

Sorry honey, but there's something I don't like about these shoes....can't put my finger on it.
If this view wasn't getting people excited to get off the ship, I don't know what would.

As we walked to the scooter shop, these boys walked with us the entire way trying to earn some money. They got what they were working so hard for at the end, we even paid them a few bucks to take a picture with us. Trips like these never fail to humble me and make me so appreciative of the luxuries we enjoy and the amazing country we live in. These people work so hard and rely so heavily on tourists-I wish we had more to give while there. I bought some beautiful handmade shell earrings and Ty found a sweet conch shell to bring home.

After riding for awhile, we explored off the beaten path and found this secluded beach. While we were out in the water taking the picture above, Ty found this huge shell and as he was bringing it in what do you know, an octopus slithers out and is hanging by its tentacles. So crazy! I love the way they change colors to blend in with their backround.

We must have been annoying tourists--we wanted so badly to get these coconuts down and the boys were throwing rocks trying to knock one down. A local was watching all the excitement and up he scrambled to get one for us.
After a few minutes of unsuccessfully throwing the coconut at the tree trying to crack it open, another local said he'd show us how it's done and we were drinking and eating fresh coconut. It was awesome.

While all these suckers at the beach paid for the private beach excursion, we just happened to scooter in the neighborhood and a nice guy showed us the way. While Olane got a foot massage, I got a cute braid that I managed to keep and enjoy for a few weeks.

An amazing end to an amazing day.

{Whatever you do, don't eat the diet dessert. Yucky....}