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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Girl's best friend

Posted by Summer

Roca, besides her hideously rotten breath, has to be the world's best dog.  I guess Tyler and I could call her half ours because we love to kidnap her from Trevor and Ashlee, (Ashlee, my sister in law is due with her 3rd the end of next month and is on another good excuse to take her.) to spend time with us.  I have never seen as much love for any person as Roca has for Tyler.  Tyler played me smart....he took me to see his niece and nephew AND the dog when we were first dating...and since I have a soft spot for both he won me over pretty easily. :)  Since she lives right down the street I've been lucky enough for her to keep me company most of the week while I'm moving and unpacking.   She follows me everywhere...and I MEAN everywhere!  Up, down, in the car, kitchen, bedroom, basement...where I am Roca will be.  She's the best, not to mention she's a pretty impressive frisbee catcher too.  (I also discovered I'm a lefty thrower of the frisbee...weird!)

Finally got me.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Bringing Friends Together

Posted by Summer

Just an FYI...this will probably be a long post.  

I heard about Mike's passing through my friend Joey via Facebook.  (I know..I hate facebook as much as I love it)  
Although I've toned it down since meeting Tyler, I am so grateful that there is such a thing out there and if used appropriately, the networking it provides is unfathomable.  It blows my mind that it has re-connected me with almost everyone that has had an impact on my life in one way or another, and through the internet it has brought these people to me from different aspects of my life whether it be from pre-school, dance, old teachers, family, travels, etc...

It really is remarkable when you look at it that way, and to think that without it I may have missed some important news like the passing of an old friend or had missed the opportunity to attend his funeral services or establish ties with some people that should always be close yet have lost touch through the years.  

Michael Murray and the friends close to him are some of the most hysterical and unique guys that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  They had such an impact on my life and it pains me that we cannot go back in time to cherish and nurture the friendships we once had.  It is sad how time has that affect on us-we don't realize how much a relationship means until it's gone forever.  I know that Mike's death has taught many of us an important lesson.  At his funeral I vowed that I would start being a better friend and I would remember what's really important in this life.  Life's too short to hold grudges, or to pass judgement on others.  Forgive a little easier and love a little deeper.  It's what we all would like, so why not do it?

I made the decision almost immediately after talking to Joey that going down to California was necessary.  Tyler was super supportive and it perfect timing to go for a week and spend time with family and catch up with friends.  A bit scary because it was the first time I had ever driven alone for that long, but Danika and John were awesome and let me stay with them in Vegas on the way down.

I think it's the glasses but I remind myself of Michael Jackson in this pic and that is pretty scary! yikes!
I absolutely adore my friends-they mean the world to me....Casey and I've been friends since 2nd grade and we used to walk home to her house from Jr. High and would pass Mike's house to catch a glimpse of the boys that were always out front playing basketball.  It wasn't until high school that I would begin dating one of Mike's best friends and meet the group of guys/girls that would have such an impact on my life.  I probably wouldn't have become friends with Kendall either as she was a part of that group...

Casey and I were each other's support for the viewing/funeral services over a two day span-I did pretty well until she dropped me off after a long day.  It really is crazy how these things affect people in different ways.  I was basically numb until it was all over and only then did the tears start flowing.   

After the funeral we went down to visit the Bladen fam. 
Their house is so great-I love how open the plan is and their yard is awesome.  
Silly Lucas
Bri off work early!

Dalon...the happiest baby ever.  Look at all those teeth!
Mid week my family minus the boys went to the Santa Barbara Zoo and met Ang and the boys and Karalee's friend and her kids.  I loved it although I was freezing!  I swear Utah feels so much warmer even when it's 32 degrees.   The otters were my favorite...we caught them right before feeding time so they were crying and talking up a storm.

Jen and my HUGE nephew Evan.
I'm bummed because I didn't get a picture of them holding hands or hugging.  Anna and Lucas are too cute together.  Maybe one day-we'll really be family...and I'll be Auntie Summer to Lulu. :)

I have no idea why my rotate, save didn't work but you'll have to view the video sideways...sorry!  We had a ton of fun sliding down the hill on some scrap cardboard we borrowed from the kids next to us.   Anna is sooooooo independent that she wants to do everything by herself with absolutely no help.  She's such a big girl now that I need to "Ask her for a favor" to do things like hold my hand or keep me warm so I can hold her and give her hugs.  She's such a smart girl...I love her and wish I were closer!
This was right before Dalon fell and hit his gums on the ridge of the egg...we were all right in front of him and completely missed when it happened.  It was so sad but he was trooper.

Ang...I love it when he says "Mommy"'s so stinking adorable!

After the zoo we went to visit Anna's other Auntie, Julie up at Westmont-where the fires were earlier this year.  We were able to see her dorm and got to get some Coffee Bean and catch up with her.

Thursday I spent all day/night running over all LA to see old friends...

Shira is getting married this summer too.  Her fiance Morris proposed at the famous Western Wall in romantic.  :)  So happy for her!

I found this picture back home in one of my scrapbooks my mom put together of me and Joey about 10 years ago.
And then us now at lunch downtown...I think he looks exactly the same, except a bit more hair.  Everyone is getting married!  His wedding is next month...congrats guy!
Then off to Kendall's house to hang with her two cuties...Emrys and Harrison.  

Yay!  Linds was able to stop by-everytime I'm in town we seem to miss each other.  It was really nice to get some girl time in.
After I went to Jamie's for dinner--which was way too short because I had to be back in the valley for a little dance studio reunion.  So sorry Jamie...although I hope you're coming up for conference???

Bobbie's girls!  Jocelyn, Hilary, Lisa & Leslie...
Jocelyn's little girl
I love California.  I love waking up to the sound of birds in the morning and especially the hummingbirds that are constantly in the yard.  It does help that my mom fills up their feeder twice a day with sugar water...but there are tons.  I think we counted almost twenty at one time.  The best time to watch are in the evenings and then the bullfrogs come out.  It's fantastic to listen to all the sounds there.  Utah's got nothing.  I was so excited the other day because there were two peacocks in the back yard.  I swear.  I checked outside twice before running to get my camera.  Nope.  I wasn't wearing my contacts and turned out they were just enormous geese.  I felt really stupid.
Me & mom
I met this doll for the first time!  
Berlin Stewart

Drew, Laura, & Berlin
Laura and I danced together at Bobbies and her mom was my dance team advisor.  Susie just opened up a studio in Westlake about a year ago where they do aerial amazing. If we ever move back it is something I am definitely going to get into.  Their website you can check out here.
My dad!  
So an extremely long post, but now I am caught up!  Thanks Ty for being supportive in what I needed to do.  It was a great trip minus the reason for being there in the first place but it helped bring friends and family together, so for that I am grateful.