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Saturday, July 31, 2010

so pretty

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Looking more like him everyday

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I obviously didn't know my brother when he was a baby (I'm 8 years younger), but it is incredible how much Evan is starting to look like him. Sometimes I'll catch a glimpse, maybe of only a second or two, and I'll see Tyler in there. It's kinda neat to see. How weird it will be to see a part of myself in my children someday. I joke that they may get all the things I hate about myself--freckles, bow legs, big knuckles, flat feet....but hopefully everything I love about Ty:

some inches on the boys, perfect nose, sexy legs, beautiful ballerina arches (I'm so jealous about those), and cute curly hair.

I can't wait to see what genetics will do when they take over. Kids are a crazy and miraculous thing aren't they? And no, I'm not baby hungry or anything. :) But I do want to eat my niece and nephew right up...they are so scrumptious!
{pic by me last Saturday. I'm getting better, no?}

Monday, July 26, 2010

Melanie Rice Photography

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Thanks to our cousin Melanie, on Tyler's side, we were able to squeeze in a shoot Saturday before last so we would have a picture to send out with our invitations. She's amazing. She has a new baby and she was so willing to do this last minute and really saved the day for us!
Thanks for all your help Mel--I'm already doing stuff that you taught me and am out of my comfort zone and it feels awesome! This post is an example of the loads of time you already saved me. :) You're the best...


Thursday, July 22, 2010

On the road again

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I love technology. I'm posting this on the laptop going 85 miles per hour. (just kidding--Ty's driving the speed limit...)

I'm not sure how many times we've been back to California this year, but it seems there's been so many important events that we just couldn't miss out on. This time we're going for my friend Niki's sealing at the Newport Temple and their reception in Balboa. I'm so happy for her and sooooo grateful I was able to get a day off of work so we could be there.
I don't mind the 10 plus hour drive at all--we pack up the car like crazy with everything we use at home and Ty hooks us up with great shows,movies and music. It's always a fun ride and sometimes I wish we were driving for another day so I can get caught up on more me stuff.

We took the Sonata, and boy--it rocks. We're averaging at this moment 38.5 miles per gallon on eco! We were at 44 mpg but that was before we hit some big hills. I think we may just make it to Cali on one tank of gas.

Now for a movie!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Girls Camp

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Kierstin is in the Young Women's and she invited me to go up after work (on her 29th birthday!) for the last night of her ward's girls camp on Thursday. I'm so glad I went. I've never had the chance to be participate in any of those activities when I was that age so it was really great to get a glimpse into what Girls Camp was all about. Testimony meeting was held around a campfire and I think almost everyone had a chance to bear their testimony (even me!). I had only met these people a hour beforehand, but the Spirit was so incredibly strong that I didn't know what had come over me until I started speaking. It was crazy good and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to have experienced it. I came away from it feeling like I knew each and every one of those girls and knew what sweet and special spirits they have.

Thanks Kierst...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tickle Me Anna

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Saturday, July 03, 2010

M-Day part deuce

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Since visiting my parents for the last time at home in May, it's incredible how far my mom has come. It's a scary thought knowing you have to become completely independent after being with someone for 35 years. I know the feeling, and for me it was only 10!

There are so many things that we as a younger generation take for granted. Technology comes easy to us and adding new knowledge to that base is a piece of cake. But for my mom, who really didn't have a reason to learn how to use a computer, and had my dad to do most things for her, is needing to learn all those simple things like how to work the radio in a new car, using her new Blackberry, pumping gas by herself, and going to the senior center to take email and computer classes. It's almost comical...her and Ty talk every few days so he can help her with all these new techie things.

What's really funny is that she's starting to get hit on by all these little old men. Men with canes and walkers! A guy that had to be in his eighties told her how "cute" she was and asked if he could have her email and take her to a movie sometime. Ummm...flattered but no thanks. :)

{My brother's Godmother Mary and my mom}

After helping with garage sale stuff we went down to OC to visit Ty and Jen and my cute niece and nephew!

After visiting for a bit, Olane, Rock & Cash met up with us for some curry and we went to see their new pad. I have to admit--I was ready to move right into their apartment building. It was SO nice and the pool area was resort style complete with private cabanas, fireplaces, and tvs.

{Ty on the Orange/Anaheim border...I think}
{My brother the Grandma Tanaka's painting on the top and Tyler's on the bottom}

For Mother's Day we took my parents to Ciscos for a mexican brunch, and my brother and Jen brought over Japanese for dinner.

After dinner we saw everyone and their boys at Mike and Adi's place (Also loving their place)! I can't believe how big everyone is...especially Drew.

{Dalon & Lulu}

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Mother's Day trip....part 1

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Yeah, I'm just now getting around to these post. Can you believe it's July already? I'm not even sure where the last month has gone. So crazy. Now that it's finally summer we've been boycotting our cars and scootering every weekend, and almost every evening we find any excuse to get some fresh air-whether it's to the Maverick for a Bahama Mama jalapeno style, (if you have not experienced this incredible heart attack in a bun--you are seriously missing out) to check out the prospective real estate, or driving all the way to Orem to the Brufords, we have been loving every minute. Ty just installed a windshield and jimmy rigged speakers and an iPod hook up that charges it while it plays. My husband is such a geek and I love it! He just made our ride so much better. I mean, who likes to eat bugs, have rocks flying at your face, or constant tears from the wind? I'm surprised I thought it was fun before now.

I think I'm a little scootered out butt hurts and I've had a consistant neck/headache this past week. Ah well--probably the stress of trying to get our reception/open house planned too doesn't help. I'm the worst party planner. I wish I had all the money in the world to have someone do it for me-I'm definitely lacking in that department.
The home we were going to have it at is not going to be finished in time,
so we just solidified a place this week. Just in the nick of time to get our invites designed, ordered and sent out about a month prior to the big event-thank goodness.

So back to Mother's Day...I really can't remember the last time I spent it with my mom. I don't think I've been able to get back in the last 6 years so it was due time that I surprised her this time. Ty drove down earlier that week while I flew down after work. As always it was a packed weekend:

*Met Ty's friend Jen for dinner at Bossa Nova in L.A.
*Helped my mom & dad get ready for their garage sale/go through all my old stuff to take back to Utah

{Tyler's favorite beach spot}
{While stopped to take pics of house he liked, he happened to run into his friend Aaron...or Aaron ran into him. Funny how different we think--I thought this was a crazy coincidence, while Tyler thought it wasn't surprising because he's a runner and lives in the area. Oh..silly me I guess.

*Lisa & Mark came over and met the hubby for the first time

*Went to lunch with Case (w/baby boy in her belly) & Justin and saw their new house & pup Jett
{He's definitely not into you...}

and the rest will come sleepy.