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Saturday, February 27, 2010


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I love this boy and his parents so much! It's so fun to see his little personality coming through and how independent he's getting. His singing gibberish puts such a huge smile on my face. I think this guy's got music in his future. :)

Just the first few from this morning:

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


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I adore Tyler. He cracks me up even in the most unlikely situations and is hilarious even when he doesn't mean to be. I'm glad he lets me laugh at him and not with him sometimes. Like right now--he is trying to be sweet, popped in some toaster streudels for us, and just ended up scorching them into black bricks and triggering the fire alarm to go off. And last night my sweet husband went to the store to get his sick wife some Emergen-C and came back with nail files, tweezers, Oh's (my favorite cereal on the planet) and numerous other things meant just for me, but forgot the one thing I needed the most-my much needed fizzy Emergen-C! Having such a thoughtful and considerate husband 99.999999% of the time means that Tyler can get away with pretty much anything-and sure gets a whole lot of freebies to be a blonde once in awhile.
{written on Wednesday}

He's my best friend and I couldn't imagine life without him-he makes everyday feel like Valentine's day, so our Valentine's slash 1 year anniversary was just another perfect weekend. (Did I say perfect? Ok, I'm still trying to forget about my psychotic stomach freak out during our 5 course dinner. Lets say maybe I did or didn't embarrass myself by spending half the time in a freezing cold outhouse.)

We started the weekend off with free tickets to the U of U's girls gymnastic meet on Friday night, thanks to my friend Debbie from work. I thought I'd have to find a girlfriend last minute to go with me but Ty texted me back when I asked him and said "I'd love to go with you." Awwww. It was really sweet of him to take me. I had a lot of fun and the U took first!

{Sporting my new hair}

Saturday we drove up to Park City and did a little shopping at the outlets before my big surprise for Ty. We each treated ourself to a few things and we almost came home with another kitty! Spending time in Furburbia could have been a bad idea. Tyler immediate took a liking to a 1 year old Bengal named Ace who needed a home. He was huge, beautifully striped, and had a cute but funny looking wide nose. He was a sweetheart, but there was no way I could have devastated our darlings at home by bringing someone new into their territory. Being called a cat lady was probably another deciding factor...3 is a tad too much don't you think?

Pulling into the Canyons I had us change into the snow gear we brought for our 25 minute sleigh ride in the snow for a candlelit dinner up at the top of the mountain to a small cabin/tent-like structure called the Viking Yurt. Ty knew my plan as soon as he saw the sign-thanks Kandells for the great idea... Not sure we were able to enjoy it totally because it was so cold, but it's not everyday that we get this sort of transportation to a unique, fancy dinner. Two occasions rolled into one-- it was completely worth it and something I'll remember for a long time.

{Snow cat that pulled our sleigh}

The Viking Yurt

Viking Yurt Menu for 2009-10 Winter Season

Glogg - served upon arrival. This is a hot, non-alcoholic berry based drink spiced with cardamom, nutmeg and cinnamon.

Soup - carrot & ginger with juniper berry essence, apple wood smoked bacon

Salad - red beet and fennel, roasted pumpkin seed vinaigrette

Intermettzo - a sorbet palate cleanser served in rocks from Norway

Entrée - kobe beef with wild mushrooms & ligonberry jus served with jarlsberg potato, asparagus

Cheese course - a selection of cheese and fruit served on an aspen slab Note: this course is not served on evenings the snowshoe tour "tour also" is offered due to time issues

Dessert - pear cardamom tart, blackberry

{Snot-the Viking God}

{The dreaded outhouse!}

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2010 Babies

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These chubbers are my babies for now--and oh how they make us happy!

But I'm really esctatic for 2010 and all my friend who are preggers right now. It's about time I put up my annual list--I'm bummed I can't name 3 ladies at the moment-but hopefully in a few months their little jellybeans will be big and healthy and the word will allowed to be out.

Shira Clement-Boy (& I totally called it!)
Lindsey Zils-Boy
Jamie Onken-Girl
Hailey Kandell-Girl (Just picked the name Lucy)
Jocelyn Wharton
Melanie Rice
Alexis Scheid
Courtney Neff
Karlie White
Amanda Panee

Congrats everyone!!! I'm soooo excited to meet all of your new munchkins. I'm sure I've forgotten someone though...but I'll add you later!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunday Funday

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Before going over to Ty's parents to watch the Superbowl, we went over to the Harris' for our Asian fix. Olane made spare ribs, papaya salad, meatballs, and my favorite sticky rice. I still don't matter how many times I try, my rice just never tastes as good as hers or is as sticky without becoming mushy. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

Amanda, Ben, & Ethan also flew in a few nights before from New York to visit for a week. Ben had his own Superbowl party to go to, but we hung out and had spicy wings,celery and blue cheese. Ethan is getting much better around us strangers and is getting cuter every time we see him! I feel so special, now that he knows who his Auntie Summer is!

I think it's really neat that Ethan was able to see his great-grandpa one last time. It worked out so Amanda was able to stay a few days longer for the memorial service on Thursday, and the entire family (minus Ben who met us there from NY) traveled to San Diego together for the graveside service the following day.

{He loves his legos and Jordan's kitty Hana}

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Required training for pet chimpanzees

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If I ever get one, guaranteed this will be part of Stuart's repertoire. (yes, I've already chosen a name)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I won a contest.

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It was for having the cutest nephew. Even if you haven't heard of said contest, can you really question the outcome?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Grandpapa Liardet

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Procrastination. It's one of those parts of me that I absolutely hate, but the more I try, the worse it becomes.

Proof: It's been a week. Tyler's grandpapa passed away last Tuesday and every day I've been thinking about him. Everyday I say to myself that I'm going to blog about what a wonderful, funny, and optimistic man he was....and every day I wish I would've had the chance to go back in time and know Andre Liardet in the prime of his life and to be part of the stories the Bruford's have shared with me. He was a wonderful grandpapa and I'm so honored to have known him, if even for the short time that I did, and am truly happy that he is now where he is supposed to a place where there is no suffering and he is surrounded by loved ones.

His last night was really special. The boys gave grandpapa a blessing that and we all spent time in his room listening to neat stories about his life. I think he knew it was okay and time to go after we said our goodbyes.
A few of the things I loved about him:

*The way he made his great-grandkids laugh
*The best harmonica player I have ever heard!
*His huge appetite--makes you feel good when you're the one doing the cooking. :)
*His positive outlook on life--always a "beautiful day"
*His love of animals and their love for him
*How excited he'd get about the decorative bear Tyler had given him for Christmas for the upteenth time
*Our matched cookie addiction
*When he'd have us scratch his back
*His cute suspenders and hankerchief
*The way he walked with his hands folded behind him to and from his favorite chair
*& of course his beautiful French accent

{Zooley was Andre's constant companion. Two old guys who loved each other. It still brings tears to my eyes how sweet they were together}

Monday, February 15, 2010

More twin time

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Monday, February 08, 2010


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Ha..I had to write it down or I know I would forget. Charlie is a Morkie (a Maltese Yorki mix) and is the most adorable, funny, and lovable little guy ever. I guess we were the lucky ones to babysit while the Shergills were in Cali because I hear everyone begs at the chance! The not so happy ones were my kitties because he instantly became my lap friend and he would scare the crap out of them when he wanted to play, chasing and barking at them until they found a sufficient hiding spot.

Look at that face! You can't tell in this pic but he is smaller than my cats and is barely there once you get past all that fur! Love him!

{I just got my new portrait lens-Canon 50mm 1.4 and had to try it out on Charlie's dad Jimmy}

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Winter woes

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This season I've got it bad. I'm turning into a couch potato! We finished all 4 seasons of Dexter and are catching up on Glee. Now that Lost has started there goes another night dedicated to the television. I'm also excited about my Photoshop classes though-I'm taking them from and their classes are amazing. So user friendly and make learning exciting and fun! I guess that's what Winter is for-I'm not missing out on too much these days (except snowboarding) and it's nice getting life in order.

Thanks to some friends who have gotten me out of the house--we went to Color Me Mine to paint some mugs. I don't have an ounce of creativity (in an art sense) and I was so frustrated at my ugly mug--I've yet to pick it up yet so we'll see how it turns out. Thanks Sara!

{Sara's mug turned out sooooo beautiful!}